E-Commerce Web Site Maintenance

In addition to building web sites for clients, we also maintain them (whether or not we built the site ourselves). In most cases our site maintenance services are delivered as part of a close and long term relationship with the client, i.e. our support is full-time, comprehensive and is designed to deliver bespoke solutions to the client's changing needs.

Sites vary, but the idea that they can be left unattended whilst automatically generating piles of cash is really just a software salesman's fantasy.

Without careful attention, the most vital element in your site (i.e. its content) can rapidly ‘go stale’; getting less and less effective as priorities change for you and your customers.

For some sites, the problem of maintaining lively and effective content is one of authorship and presentation, e.g. knowing how to avoid HTML which looks great in your own browser but renders your site practically invisible to search engine robots and, hence, the wider internet

For other sites, problems can lie with the publishing and content management technology, e.g. most shrink-wrapped web publishing software is great for getting a pretty looking site up for the first time, but becomes a serious obstacle when you want to revise the structure and functionality of the site without jettisoning or completely re-writing the existing content.

GBdirect site maintainers can help in either of these cases, and in a host of others.

In the early stages of developing their web presence many of our clients ask us to author content for them, including the translation of offline documents into web-optimised formats.

Clients with more mature sites (e.g. The Register) typically ask us to develop bespoke software to manage their content, i.e. tools adapted to their precise needs and experience rather than to the generic properties of any site. Such customisation can be critical for building up useful profiles of your site's vistors, its potential visitors and their behaviour. Above all, it can tell you how to improve the site and its commercial effectiveness by telling you who isn't using the site in the way you had hoped and how it is actually being used.

If you have a site maintenance requirement, why not give us a call to find out what we could do for you?