Software Development

GBdirect's Software Development team is a truly first class group of programmers: virtually every one of them holds a first class degree or better and they bring decades of corporate experience to their work.

Whilst we like to think we can turn our hands to most of the common problems in corporate IT, these are our current development priorities:

Whether they are implementing strategies recommended by our own consultants or they are working to independent project specifications, our programmers' work is characterised by rare speed, attention to detail and creativity.

Whilst many programs employ a degree of ingenuity in their execution, we like to think that that our staff's creativity goes that little bit further. In particular, it is typically the vital ingredient for closing what we have dubbed the actualisation gap, i.e. the gap between any project's formal specification and its concrete realisation.

Improvised technical solutions to unforeseen problems are a common requirement, but the creative application of good social and communication skills is even more important. Neither capability is in short supply at GBdirect.